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Feb 19 2024 9:54AM Cindy Hi there, please may I ask… do you have a Facebook page? In recent times this has become a very good way to advertise, promote and reach out to specific communities. I ask because I ran a group last year (to do with holiday home owners) …it enabled people to share thoughts, ideas, and even help ….the group went from 1, me haha.. to almost 1000. I’d be happy to help a very simple ‘Facebook presence’ page set up, I would volunteer to keep on eye on it daily (moderate as it’s called) …to keep it polite and manned as it were… Have you thought about doing this at all? I love the idea of ‘simpleneeds’ ….over the past few years I have occasionally checked in, but never found anything in my area.. Notts or Lincs. I just wonder if a Facebook presence would give this wonderful website a broader and wider recognition. Kind regards, Cindy Wingate (personal carer, self employed)
Feb 9 2024 11:40AM Kelly I have tried several time to place an advert but each time I press save there is a service error.
Feb 5 2024 2:28PM Looks like a great site. I will write more when I hear from some candidates. Thank you
Jan 29 2024 3:16PM Have had a good response & am checking for the right person .Thank you
Jan 28 2024 2:10PM Hetty Excellent websites, we need more of these for Carers and clients. to find without any hassle:
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