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Aug 21 2019 12:11PM Patricia you keep sending messages asking for confirmation. just tap the link below.DOES NOT WORK
Our Reply: Sorry the links don't work for you. For a few it is the case that the links don't work, in which case you should login to your account via the website homepage.Its not the links, its the transfer mailing process or its the mail app you use or a combination of both. Perhaps I should include the standard caveat ... if you have difficulty viewing this email .... Sorry!
Aug 21 2019 12:07PM Not yet could do with being easier to work with or should that be more simple
Aug 21 2019 7:52AM Maria francesca Casciaro I’m not successful yet there seems to be a couple of messages but other than that I have no help still
Aug 20 2019 4:47PM Noni I think people are viewing my advert but have had very little in the amount of contact from it on here.
Aug 18 2019 6:56PM Anita Bogdanova Always very satisfied with simple needs.Thanks
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