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May 25 2022 3:02PM RAO HI we are a stellarcarenw domiciliary home care based in Ellsemere port covering near by places , looking for a private clients to offer our services .
May 19 2022 8:32PM Karen There is never any answers from your advertisers?
May 19 2022 7:50AM Petra Tilly I have been sent numerous duplicate messages from SimpleNeeds. Simple needs have not responded to my comments about this or other platform glitches, so easiest thing to do is remove my advert.
May 17 2022 11:42PM Margaret This is a good website, it can take a while for something to come up but I've no complaints.
May 16 2022 6:47AM Appears to be okay, I'm sure it worked for some people, but unfortunately it didn't for me.
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