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Comments from our Clients and Carers

Jul 12 2019 4:58PM Unity Ferreira first time user , waiting for a positive outcome.
Jul 12 2019 4:53PM Unity Ferreira first time user so I am looking forward to working with you more.
Jul 11 2019 3:46PM Unity Ferreira usefull, waiting for an response . looking for a good outcome
Jul 11 2019 2:09PM So far simple procedure to get the AD set up
Jul 10 2019 10:31AM First experience for SimpleNeeds. Looking for a positive outcome.
Jul 8 2019 9:43PM Really easy to use
Jul 8 2019 8:11AM Easy, useful site to use
Jul 5 2019 8:55AM I seem to have problems with communication with enquirers.
Jul 3 2019 12:37PM Lucienne Vranch Hi I have just tried to log into my account and a message has come up saying my email address is not listed. I have received a job from this site and paid 25.00 for the priviledge. Could you please explain?
Our Reply: I'll check out what's happening.
Jul 3 2019 12:35PM Wendy Gough Yes 89%