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Oct 4 2020 M.R I was introduced to SimpleNeeds website and was informed that it was a really good place to advertise. I'm looking forward to the response to my advert and will be sure to update on my progress and experience in the near future.
Oct 3 2020 Never come across this type of looking for care giving before . Excellent forum
Sep 28 2020 Aidan A great website that was easy to use and resulted in a carer being found for my father very quickly.
Sep 28 2020 Helen Worrall Very responsive. Have had many good carers to choose from.
Sep 23 2020 Suzanne I received a message from a potential client the very next day after joining.
Sep 12 2020 Jean I’ve used this service in the past and found excellent work. I made a small contribution today because I value this service highly
Sep 11 2020 Alex I’ve used this service before and it’s helped me find clients in the past, so I know it works.
Sep 7 2020 Karen Davey Would definitely use this service again. Has been very beneficial and standard of replies are most professional
Aug 24 2020 Esmé, Staffordshire We have previously used an agency which charged more for their 'admin' than for the carer; around £1400 per week for both. So simple needs has been a breath of fresh air and a huge relief. We are currently evaluating potential carers for mum. Great to have a choice.
Aug 21 2020 Have used in the past, clients prefer to use Simple Needs often in preference to agencies as they can send in too many different carers and also over charge.
Jul 23 2019 Anne KH Very good site i have got 3 jobs using it.
May 26 2019 Thank you, we found an excellent carer through your site.
May 19 2019 karen Hi this is the first time i've been on this website, i hope it grows bigger.
May 15 2019 Andrei Great site, well organized. Good job
May 12 2019 Mercedes Ramsey Amazing website - Thank you! we found best people here and it is quick, free and simple to use!
Apr 28 2019 Simple needs was recommended to me by someone I care for.
Apr 25 2019 Simple needs was recommended to me and I hope we will find what we need here. It seems a great idea.
Apr 19 2019 Fantastic site & opportunities
Apr 18 2019 Helen W Easy to access account. Have found a few excellent clients thanks to this site.
Apr 18 2019 Helen W Easy to access account. Have found a few excellent clients thanks to this site.
Apr 16 2019 Lucienne V This is a wonderful website for those offering work and those receiving it. It matches up the perfect combinations of people, very important for building up a good relationship for those in need with those who care!
Mar 28 2019 Linda Holtham I have posted a few enquiries and I get prompt replies.
Mar 28 2019 Thanks for a great service over the last 7 years, it has given me lots of paid employment opportunities.
Mar 26 2019 Jill Hartill I have been using Simple Needs for the past 6 years and it has always worked for me in finding work. It's a great site just needs a few hiccups sorting.
Mar 18 2019 Straightforward well laid out advertising platform. Let's hope it attracts some interest
Mar 17 2019 Christine Simpleneeds has worked well for me over the years, its a shame more people do not use it.
Mar 6 2019 Laurie Phillips Simple needs has provided me with help in the past and I think it is a great site and well worth using
Mar 4 2019 This site is so committed always sends update,thanks to the team
Mar 2 2019 Fantastic fast response from your admin team! Thank you x
Mar 2 2019 Sam Brilliant site, Has really helped me find brilliant placements. I’m a local career in Hertfordshire and have been able to secure enough work to give up working for an Underpaid agency’s and work self employed! Thank you simple needs
Mar 2 2019 Jill Hartill I have always been pleased with Simple Needs and always try to spread the word.
Feb 26 2019 I have just come onto the website but it appears to be simple to use and hopefully will help me along the way
Feb 25 2019 Jill Andrews Excellent site. Im a private carer and have found some wonderful clients and families on here. Im never short of work! Thank you simple needs
Feb 25 2019 Found an excellent carer using this website!
Feb 24 2019 Phillipa Watson-Smith What a super idea. It helps carers and clients to find what they both need
Feb 23 2019 I like your site. So far have not found a carer for our particular situation, however I check regularly. Many thanks.
Feb 23 2019 Tim Cole Excellent non complicated way to place an ad or make a response. Will certainly recommend this site
Feb 18 2019 Laurie Phillips Simple Needs is an excellent service which I have used successfully on a previous occasion. I have no hesitation in recommending it. It is well run, exceptionally helpful to anyone seeking caring and until you find someone its free to use.
Feb 17 2019 Nuwan Pathiranage Very simple and quick. Really helpful
Feb 13 2019 Jenny Be patient and the jobs will come - now have had 3 enquiries from this site....many thanks
Feb 13 2019 Jeff Yes very useful and simple to use - the proof of the pudding will be in the responses I receive
Feb 2 2019 Sandra Your new live in section is a great idea.
Jan 31 2019 Good site Got one client and still expecting more calls
Jan 31 2019 Vanessa Great site to find contacts and work
Jan 31 2019 Jill Andrews Excellent site, im never short of work and ive been on here over 3yrs!! Thank you Simple needs
Jan 31 2019 fintan stafford Great response, did not expect reply so quickly
Jan 29 2019 Jane Arnold I really am pleased to find your site I have usually gone straight fom one job to another by word of mouth. I have worked for many years in Lymington. I am at present in Verwood but am quite isolated and would like to be near my daughter in Bournemouth. Having no contacts or network in Bournemouth I am finding it difficult and I do not wish to work with an agency. I am hoping to have found the answer through you.
Oct 31 2018 Jill Andrews I love this site, Its very straight forward and i have had so much work. Thank you simple needs for my success and for the lovely familys ive met and still keep in touch like we are family
Oct 31 2018 Jill Andrews I love this site, Its very straight forward and i have had so much work. Thank you simple needs for my success and for the lovely familys ive met and still keep in touch like we are family
Oct 29 2018 Carub Hopefully more people will find this gem of an advertising platform. Definitely a useful tool for carers and private employers!
Oct 29 2018 Carub Hopefully more people will find this gem of an advertising platform. Definitely a useful tool for carers and private employers!
Oct 12 2018 Susie Still hopeful that I will find new clients. I have found two wonderful families in the past that I supported for a few years and remain dear friends with.
Sep 29 2018 Sammie Have found 2 lovely clients from this site! Highly recommend :) x
Sep 24 2018 I found one of our best carers through your service. Thank you, I'm so very grateful. Brilliant service!
Sep 15 2018 Margaret Smallbone Simple to use and produced fast results for me, I think your service is wonderful! I received 4 close to home responses and found who I was looking for. I like the lack of commercial hype -it is what it says -a site for matching needs with carers.
Sep 2 2018 Rachel Abrams Hoping that my advert on here helps clients find me. Has the potential to be great. . . We shall see.
Sep 2 2018 Sarah Martin Great site if you are looking for carers/pa's.
Aug 23 2018 Pat I found a great carer for my parents through my ad on this site. Thank you
Aug 15 2018 Such a great site and great help! X
Aug 5 2018 Joy Marvellous site for finding carers/PA’s. Very easy to use.
Jul 10 2018 Seems quite straightforward; hope it works and someone can help me out.
Jul 7 2018 Thomas McMullan I have just advertised myself, so hopefully I’m successful in getting work. Thanks
Jul 5 2018 SB. Great service. I had to confirm I was not an agency due to my email!
Jul 3 2018 Jill Andrews This site is Brilliant!! Never been short of work the 3yrs i have joined and I have met some lovely people and there families! Thank you Simple needs
May 1 2018 Brilliant site for care jobs and carers.
Apr 21 2018 Ali B Excellent site. I found the perfect carer for my mother-in-law on this site and am now using it again for changed of circumstances.
Apr 17 2018 Lisa Pepperrell Fantastic Website , definitely worth taking a look at as I've found a few jobs on here.
Apr 14 2018 Gay hector Excellent Place to find Care. My carer I found from your website has been with me 4 years!
Apr 1 2018 Sammie What a wonderful site to help our community :) x
Mar 29 2018 Gina James Good morning How do I see who's looking for care? By the way brilliant site!! Kind regards
Mar 28 2018 Joycethe Voice Hi This is the first time I've come onto this page and it hopefully will be helpful. I have shared in a care group on Facebook, so perhaps this will help everyone. Your site is easy to use and straightforward. What a wonderful change. Thank you.
Mar 22 2018 Chrissie We have used simple needs before, it was great !
Mar 20 2018 Janette Thank you so much for your ongoing support
Feb 13 2018 Alan Really easy to use. Looks like I have found the help I need, and very quickly. Thanks!
Feb 4 2018 J Looks like a very good concept for Carers and those needing care, and a well organised website. Have posted an advert for a Carer, so fingers crossed!
Feb 1 2018 Mary S I have only recently registered with simple needs but think it is a first class site to look for or give care, the support from the company while you learn how to navigate your way around the site is fantastic.
Jan 15 2018 Robert Fells Obviously high level of interest here as observed by postings. Not sure of the relationship between first postings and most recent contacts - how does this work?
Jan 14 2018 Lynn Brilliant website, lots of response but mum had to go into nursing home before I could get things organised. I would definitely recommend it and have spoken to some lovely people.
Jan 14 2018 Lynn Brilliant website, lots of response but mum had to go into nursing home before I could get things organised. I would definitely recommend it and have spoken to some lovely people.
Jan 14 2018 Robert Fells Please note I am not on Facebook - this website is the best I have seen with regard to the employment of private local carers. This is my first use so my expectations are high
Jan 10 2018 K. Kypri Good website and easy to use. I look forward to finding a carer for my mother.
Jan 10 2018 K. Kypri Good website and easy to use. I look forward to finding a carer for my mother.
Jan 8 2018 Your website is good.
Jan 8 2018 Thank you for website hopefully will met my client sooon.
Jan 8 2018 Lisa Been using Simple needs for 5years now . They are a good company. ..& ive met some lovely clients from this website...
Jan 6 2018 Mary Deane Great service although people I know have never heard of it so it needs more publicity and advertise what a great idea this is and a great alternative for people wanting a more one to one carer and continuity between client and carer.
Jan 6 2018 Mary D Great service although people I know have never heard of it so it needs more publicity and advertise what a great idea this is and a great alternative for people wanting a more one to one carer and continuity between client and carer.
Jan 3 2018 Great idea for those requiring carers in the local area. Thank you.
Jan 3 2018 Great idea for those requiring carers in the local area. Thank you.
Jan 3 2018 joanne phillips Good morning, I hope you can help I have used your site in the past but employed a friend to help with my others care, is it possible to re-advertise the position as the lady that is currently helping is unable to do the extra hours I require and is due to go on long term sick leave very soon. When I tried the place the add it was restricted. Would I be able to re-launch the previous advert?
Dec 13 2017 Cd Brilliant service..
Dec 1 2017 Lisa I have been with simple needs for nearly 5years....& I have worked with some lovely clients... Its a really good site for genuine people & trustworthy. I would defiantly recommend. ..
Nov 27 2017 Mercedes This is a great web service - free, simple and to the point! Sorely needed with others charging £420 per add...Thank you!
Oct 31 2017 Samantha Lunt A great way to work...hopefully we will get somebody soon to help with our needs
Oct 27 2017 Georgina I have had a few clients from this site..
Aug 29 2017 3 years ago you helped us find 2 wonderful carers for my parents. One of them is leaving now and we hope to find another. I cannot tell you how grateful we are to you for the website. Heart-felt thanks. Louise
Jul 9 2017 Stephen . A very good site for finding private work . At the moment there are none for live in work as i have looked over the last few weeks . hope some new clients join soon . I will just keep looking now and then . Is it not time to take off old adds that have been on the site for 3-6 months or over ?
May 6 2017 Mike Seddon Hi Simple Needs I have secured a great care job and wondered how I send you the £25?
Apr 19 2017 Wendy Gough Thank you simple needs for forwarding the potential work. And forwarding my details.
Apr 18 2017 This appears to be a worth while, workable simple needs site and tailor made. The search is over! I was pleased to discover it. Sorry not to find it sooner.
Mar 24 2017 malcolm Great success with this website. We found someone with the skills and experience to help with Mum. Thankyou.
Mar 21 2017 Letitia C Just the type of website and service we are looking for. Glad to have found it. Hope we can get a successful work agreement though your website.
Mar 12 2017 susan temperley Excellent service . trying for the first time
Mar 9 2017 Tom I found SimpleNeeds a good way to reach potential careers. Unfortunately the lady who required help went into a care home, so the requirement was no longer valid.
Mar 9 2017 Jo Hayward Will be more than happy to give another donation if I manage to recruit through your site. This site is great.
Mar 7 2017 Jo Hayward Very good site for either looking for work or needing a carer
Mar 4 2017 Alison Holland A very good idea to put carers and clients together. Thank you for this. Everything works which is great for getting help quickly.
Feb 24 2017 JWB of Truro This is a good site and it is simple and effective. It does actually work and by not using an agency, costs are kept low. Although I did not take up any offers, it was not because none came through but because circumstances changed. I would recommend this to anyone and I will be returning in the future if I need to. Thank you to staff and web managers!
Feb 24 2017 Barbara This site is really helpful and I have had several clients from here over the last 2 years. It would be really useful if everyone spread the word about simpleneeds, as it does not seem to be well-known in certain areas (I have just moved to Exeter and there are only a limited number of clients advertising here). As we all know, the best way to get the word out these days is by word of mouth, so please tell your friends and help us all!
Feb 21 2017 Many thanks for your help. Up to now I cannot find a suitable carer in this area.but will keep looking. Simpleneeds seems an excellent service, I will keep trying. Regards, Michael Moy.
Feb 17 2017 Lynda So pleased that I found your site, may have found someone for my Mothers assistance, just waiting to meet with the carer, with thanks
Feb 13 2017 Laura Lee This site is a very good idea. It brings the those with needs together with those looking to fulfill needs in a simple way that no other site does. Particularly helpful for those looking for care as commercial care companies don't have the ability to be as flexible and as involved as private personal carers/assistants do.
Feb 9 2017 Malcolm Biles Thank you so much for your great website. I have just cancelled my advertisement because you have found me the most suitable carer for my Mum.
Feb 8 2017 Samantha Response from simpleneeds to email problem was very quick ,all sorted now thankyou excellent site
Jan 19 2017 Karen Easy to use site. Looking forward to results
Jan 17 2017 Claire I found the site very easy to use & found a good carer for my mother.
Jan 17 2017 What a helpful place - I hope to be able to find a good night waking carer for my Boss's mother. I hope I find the right person for them.
Jan 9 2017 Dawn S As an experienced independent home help, I have been looking to place an advert for my services.... advert is now up and running on your site. Thank you for caring enough to develop a site with such ease to use. i look forward to informing you of my first appointment gained via
Jan 9 2017 Suzanne S Hi - I wanted to say Thank you for (hopefully) finding a suitable carer. This is the first time we have used your site but very impressed.
Dec 29 2016 Hi - I was interested to come across your website yesterday and very happy to read your own story which has resulted in you establishing this much needed service. Thank you - regardless of whether we find a suitable carer for our family, it is nice to know others out there feel the same way and a sense of community prevails.
Dec 8 2016 Peter H Thank you so much, at last I've found a kind and helpful carer for my mother. I'd tried agencies and other websites all to no avail. Thanks again.
Nov 17 2016 Mary Deane Great service when you find the right person
Oct 22 2016 Sandy Taylor Great to find a simple to use website which hopefully will produce results
Oct 21 2016 Blue Robins Looking forward to seeing if this works. Nice to know a company that can help with finding employment.
Oct 12 2016 Zoe Collis This is a super site and very much needed. I did not know where to go to find someone who would visit my 92 year old dad and cook him breakfast and then again cook an evening meal, he does not need personal care. I eventually found this site and put in my postcode and read several adverts all offering household tasks as well as personal care needs. I messaged one of the carers who responded very quickly, it only took a couple more messages and a meeting to sort arrangements. Really happy with the set up and have already recommended this site.
Oct 6 2016 Amanda Mann Thank you for your excellent site. I have had regular inquiries. I just posted a Facebook link for you! Hope it boosts your visibility. Have also recommended you to several carer friends.
Oct 4 2016 Richard mc gonigle Excellent service. A godsend !!!!
Sep 30 2016 J. Cavill I found the system easy to use. I received an answer to my advert the same day.Although the person couldn't fill the post, I'll keep trying.
Sep 11 2016 Diane Smith I have used this site before and it is invaluable.
Aug 26 2016 Judy Earl A very useful site and there should be more of them. There are people crying out for help and this is sometimes the only way to get it. Well Done.
Aug 24 2016 Brilliant site, very useful and always someone who can help you out.
Jul 28 2016 Thanks for providing this invaluable service. I have been looking for a service such as this one for a long time and am I very grateful to have finally found it. Thank you very much.
Jul 27 2016 Wendy Gough Thank you for your site, especially for carer like me, who is self employed with nowhere to advertise, without costing a fortune. I hope I get some new clients.
Jul 15 2016 m deane Carry on !!!
Jul 12 2016 Alison I have used Simple Needs before and and am returning to find another excellent carer.
Jul 12 2016 Alison I have used Simple Needs before and and am returning to find another excellent carer.
Jul 6 2016 David Thank you for your assistance in finding help.
May 9 2016 This is the only site that I have been able to find listing private carers for this area and did not know about it until recommended by someone at Devon County Council. A great idea and will try my best to spread the word!
Apr 19 2016 07793031792 Hello I am looking for a carer to care for my 90-year-old grandfather overnight four nights a week. Start asap.
Apr 18 2016 Althia Barnett Thanks SimpleNeeds you're a great help
Apr 13 2016 Mary J Deane Spread the word for a great service. Lets share the news as a lot of people DO NOT know about it and may be missing out !!!!
Apr 10 2016 Thanks good site as ever
Apr 8 2016 Debra BRADDER Many thanks for letting me use this service , its a great idea and easy to register and use.
Mar 10 2016 Thank you for all your help.
Feb 2 2016 Jane D Fantastic website, only wish I'd found it earlier.
Jan 24 2016 A good way of pooling resources together
Jan 22 2016 Angie Excellent site
Jan 22 2016 Jane Jones Simple, very helpful and easy to use.
Jan 18 2016 My compliments you're doing fantastic work.
Jan 18 2016 Julie It was a relief to find this service is available. We have been wondering for some time why there wasn't a way of finding a Caring person who needs employment and accommodation which would be ideal for my Mother-In-Law's current need for professional help with her personal care are and also companionship and the fact she is able to offer them comfortable lodgings as well.
Dec 14 2015 Patricia Realy helpful site would recommend to anyone looking for private care work
Dec 11 2015 Mary J Deane Got a job now Thank you
Dec 9 2015 Angie Brill site for carers and clients looking for private care x
Dec 8 2015 Thank you for website great site for all.
Nov 6 2015 Alison Simple Needs is a reliable website that has provided me with good carers.
Nov 3 2015 Belinda Bortoli 4 years ago I discovered SimpleNeeds and it changed my life and made a diffirence to those I met. I cannot express my gratitude enough for such a brilliant website with no fuss and no nonsense approach. This is the best example of how an organisation can operate and achieve greatness.
Sep 22 2015 Angie Brill site as always
Sep 22 2015 Maria Brilliant service....I would recommend. ! !
Sep 10 2015 Joe Its a great HELP, thanks for your dedicated work.
Sep 10 2015 Lisa....w midlands This is a great website, & there isn't many atall like this...I would highly recommend........
Sep 9 2015 Rose Thank you for providing such a valuable service.
Aug 30 2015 I think this is a fantastic site for both carers and people looking to recruit a carer.
Aug 26 2015 Lyn Parsons It is really lovely to be able to advertise here for free, as yet I have only had 1 enquiry which is a shame that more people are not using the site , there are so many people needing carers.
Aug 20 2015 Mrs McIntyre Thankyou for your past help. I now have a perfect place to work, and with lovely. friendly, relaxed and decent person.
Aug 14 2015 James P My elderly father has just come home from John Radcliffe Hospital, and thanks to SimpleNeeds, we have a lovely carer already organised. Thanks again, super website.
Aug 9 2015 Thank you for your great service as a result of which I start an ideal part time hourly PA/home support job 3 miles from my Torquay home.
Jul 28 2015 Vicky This is fantastic way of ensuring person centred service with people requesting exactly what they need when and where and people who are genuine and interested in caring to reply, great site.
Jul 27 2015 Barbara Thanks for offering such a valuable and worthwhile service - as a carer I regularly get enquiries from your website, and have also used it to find help for my father.
Jul 24 2015 Angie Brill site
Jun 24 2015 I'm very happy with simple needs website so far. I've had two clients contact me thru using this site, I'm happy to continue and my clients seem very happy with my care and professionalism.
Jun 22 2015 Jeanie Kenyon I found a perfect working situation which gave me an opportunity to work privately supporting a lady with Alzheimer's. Taking this lovely lady out an about, making meals in her home and meeting her family was a privilege. I have now returned to working for an organisation for a short term contract, but would have no hesitation in both using Simple Needs myself or recommending it to others.
Jun 12 2015 I have found this site to be very easy to use and look forward to a response to my help offered ad. The testimonials show that this is a valued site
Jun 12 2015 I have found this site to be very easy to use and look forward to a response to my help offered ad. The testimonials show that this is a valued site.
Jun 6 2015 Just posted my first ad as a carer seeking work. All very easy to complete - only took a few minutes! So fingers crossed! This site is such a great idea! Thanks Simple Needs x
May 26 2015 Very useful website. I am excited to see if we can get the right person who is honest and kind to an elderly person!
May 22 2015 Mrs C Roberts Thanks to this site I found a 'private companion' job within a week of placing my AD. I worked for a professional couple who needed someone to spend 3 hours a day 5 days a week. In that 10 months I enjoyed taking their 90 year old mother who has Alzheimer's, out and about such a lovely lady . Sadly she has now had to go into a Care Home. So I am available again now and look forward to meeting and working with my next client.
May 9 2015 I am so pleased with this site and came to hear of yourselves quite by accident. I am a private carer and have found two delightful clients. I would highly recommend you and have put your site forward to other private carers looking for employment.
May 4 2015 Elaine This seems an excellent way of matching people who need care to those who are willing to do so in a paid or un paid-capacity... it is the first time i have used a site to advertise since i gave up just asking around locally ... i am looking for an angel .. i do hope they are out there - thank-you for this fantastic opportunity to help restore a little more quality to my mothers life !
May 1 2015 Miss Lindsay. I've used this website twice now & both times have received work. I'm a private carer new to the whole procedure of self employment, but found this website excellent and both my clients who found me on the website, both very pleased we could all be put in touch with each other thru- SimpleNeeds.
Apr 30 2015 Miss Lindsay I'm so grateful to as I've now found work thanks to this free website, I'd like to donate a small contribution to show my thanks. Please inform me of how I go about doing this? It's a small job for now, but may lead to more hours in the future, I'm so delighted, thank you.
Apr 19 2015 MA Brendel I Wish to continue my job search in your Website - I find Service users who put their advert here are more kind & reasonable & better people to work with ... A million thanks simpleneeds xxx
Apr 17 2015 A nice friendly website that provides the exact requirements for people seeking carers.
Apr 14 2015 Chris Lawrence A great website that has generated work for me on 3 occasions. Very useful for both carers and clients. I am still working for one of my clients now after being with them for nearly 2 years.
Apr 3 2015 Angie Good site. Have acquired several clients.
Mar 25 2015 Roger Griffiths Only put advert in yesterday had very quick reply
Mar 17 2015 Very promising potential carer has got in touch.
Mar 16 2015 Great site for clients searching for local carers
Mar 10 2015 Joanna Great starter point in providing a service in my local area. Very good communication and updates of any news or changes.
Mar 4 2015 Hi, I found Simple Needs was just what we wanted at the time, local help, we had to sort out those who told us when they would and would not work, despite agreeing at the interview what we were looking for. But in the end, i think Simple Needs provides a good service.
Mar 3 2015 Angie Excellent site. I have acquired plenty of work through this site.
Mar 1 2015 Samantha Hooton I really like your site and will post it on my Facebook. All my friends have elderly relatives now.
Feb 15 2015 MG I need a carer near my home. All websites just dictate what care they offer. SimpleNeeds is quite different. First, they are flexible and allow you to specify your needs. Secondly, they offer you the chance to find a carer who lives near you, thus making life easier for both carer and client. It is a unique service.
Feb 13 2015 Amanda Very useful site. I found an excellent employer and after working a trial with them have been taken on permanently. We are a great 'fit' and I am grateful not to be tied to an agency but to be own boss.
Feb 7 2015 Christine Froggatt Simple Needs is such a god send to those looking for extra support within their living area and for those whose skills and compassion is looking to assist. I have been fortunate to have found work with simple Needs over the two years I have been registered. Thank-you for providing this wonderful service.
Feb 6 2015 Maxine Brilliant service, found a really good carer through your site.
Feb 4 2015 Mary Deane I have had some enquires and met some lovely people, hope to meet other people.
Jan 28 2015 A response within 1 day! very encouraging - thanks
Jan 24 2015 We have found 2 very lovely carers, thank you.
Jan 24 2015 Ailsa Collingwood I have found great clients through your site and am very grateful. It seems to work well!
Jan 8 2015 Thank you Simple Needs, I recently found work through your site with a lovely family.
Dec 7 2014 Ann Lawton I found a Carer on SimpleNeeds, she is really nice and we have become friends.
Dec 7 2014 Barbara I think what you are doing is such a good idea. I am finding it very difficult to find suitable care for my son, unfortunately you do not have many carers on the site. Why aren't you keeping the facebook page up to date? Every business has to use social media nowadays. I know if your FB page was interesting and active I would share the page and ask my friends to share too.
Dec 1 2014 A fantastic service thank you.
Nov 30 2014 I received numerous replies to my advert for a carer.This site is extremely useful and won't hesitate to use it again.Thank you.
Nov 24 2014 Angie Brill site . Had lots of enquiries and successful positions from it x
Nov 15 2014 Bow Belle Found 2 excellent Carers on your website Many Thanks
Nov 8 2014 Georgina Hi I have found a few clients from this site..well done simple needs! Fantastic idea :)
Nov 2 2014 K F Hello, thru using your service I have found two very qualified carers who provide a wonderful safe service for a family member. I would refer your service to anyone who wishes to find, screen and employ individuals. I find the ads are true to what is written and following up on prior work history and qualification has been true. But it is always wise to do employment and qualification history before employing.
Oct 31 2014 Jane Thank you Simple Needs. We are a family wanting a specialist care package for our father but trying not to use an agency, rightly or wrongly. This has been the only source that helps us find private carers, we are most grateful.
Oct 28 2014 I found an excellent carer for my mum in January, but she has now moved on to another job. I'm glad to see the website is still very easy to use and am hoping for similar success second time round!
Oct 27 2014 Angie I have had lots of success with this website. Great for private carers looking for work and also for clients looking for private carers.
Oct 26 2014 Lisa Tilley I was so delighted to find Simple Needs, it was exactly what I was looking for. I received several replies, from some super carers, offering support for my lovely dad and I wouldn't hesitate to use it again.
Oct 23 2014 Jane Simple Needs is such a good idea, a clever but simple way to put us in touch. We have found a wonderful carer to help at the weekends, although now we need a little more.
Oct 7 2014 This is a fabulous site, I paid membership fees some time ago but am hoping to get feedbackfrom my recent ad!
Oct 6 2014 Robert Booth. I am now benefiting from the services of someone I discovered on your website and would like to make a contribution to SimpleNeeds. How do I go about that. Thanks.
Sep 30 2014 Helen Thank you for the work put into the website. It is much appreciated!
Sep 26 2014 I'm very happy to have found a helper that suits my requirements. This site is an enormous benefit to our society.
Sep 22 2014 Theresa This website is great! I am out of action on crutches and straight away found a very helpful and reliable person to assist me in the house. What a good service!
Sep 22 2014 Olwen May Thankyou so much for setting up this site. We have found a great person to help my mum. I would recommend this site to anyone.
Sep 17 2014 David Brilliant service and really works. Thank you.
Sep 16 2014 Lesley Stewart I have found your website faultless. It has offered me a very high standard of applicant. I wish you continued success.
Sep 14 2014 Very pleased with this website which is very useful. It has put me in touch with carers.
Sep 8 2014 JM I believe I have found a permanent, part time job through your wonderful website. I have been very impressed with the quality of jobs on offer. One has to be patient to find the right match but because of your website, I found one. Thank you very much and I will tell people about you.
Sep 4 2014 Karen G Had a response to my ad the day I posted it. Very impressed. Thank you SimpleNeeds. Great idea.
Sep 2 2014 Stewart A service that we didn't know of but will definitely be telling others about.
Aug 30 2014 Doxie Thank you for a user friendly site. I found the prospect of using any computer site daunting and been putting off advertising for months now. But so glad I gave it a go, it couldn't have been any easier. I will contribute.
Aug 28 2014 Egle Excellent website. Shame not many people know it exist. I got an inquiry the next day. If I get work I will definitely going to contribute. And of course will be advertising you wherever I can.
Aug 26 2014 I had people contact me within 2 weeks - excellent site
Aug 19 2014 Caroline Great site - I have a lovely companionship role now.
Aug 12 2014 I have been on the site from 2011 life saver I have sever great clients does anyone need live in carer in Sutton Coldfield
Aug 9 2014 Alison Thank you for your user-friendly website. It works a treat!
Aug 8 2014 Megan I found the best job of my life on this site and have met many wonderful people. Although with the nature of this industry, the duration of employment cannot be guaranteed. However I am hopeful that I will get another lovely client in the near future.
Aug 4 2014 Kevin Simple and easy to use system (and it's FREE!!!). Had an answer from a local carer the same day.
Jul 31 2014 Jan Whitear This is a very useful site. I have made contact with some lovely ladies and will certainly use it again if I need to.
Jul 30 2014 Linda Hoping to find someone special for the help and care of two elderly people at different stages of altzeimers - website super easy to use :)
Jul 30 2014 Jane I have just found the website and found it very easy to place an advertisement for some care help. I have found one or two people who may be able to help and have written to them, also very easy to do. Thank you Simpleneeds!
Jul 30 2014 Jane I have just found the website and found it very easy to place an advertisement for some care help. I have found one or two people who may be able to help and have written to them, also very easy to do. Thank you Simpleneeds!
Jul 29 2014 Within 5 days of placing my advert on SimpleNeeds I was contacted by a candidate and she is now working very successfully for my parents. Very efficiently run website and very effective.
Jul 28 2014 carol I found work with a family over a year ago through Simple Needs and it has worked out very well for both parties. I am now looking for help with my parents.
Jul 25 2014 Mary Gynn I would just like to say how impressed i am with this site. Very professional and such an asset to us all who use it. A big thank you.
Jul 24 2014 Elaine deakin Thanks to your web site I have found my perfect job,after a lot of searching before going on the site.
Jul 23 2014 Fiona The site is very straight forward to use which makes a complete change to other sites. Keep up the good work.
Jul 23 2014 Third time for me to leave a message, although I am no longer looking for someone as my mum has decided not to move to London, I am still amazed at how nice everyone has been that has made contact with me. How I wish everyone needing help had access to the types of people who are offering their services on your website!
Jul 9 2014 Shirley Dent Actually I am amazed and impressed with your service/website. It hopefully will make the lives of several people so much easier and rewarding. Thank you.
Jul 9 2014 Mo Excellent service. Many thanks for putting us in touch with a wonderful carer for Mum. Rachel not only provides care and cleaning and happy to do anything Mum wants she also plays Dad's organ and has great singalongs with Mum. She instantly became good friends with Mum and now truly seems like part of the family. Thanks again.
Jul 6 2014 margaret I have found the site extremely useful on a previous occasion and would recommend to others.
Jul 3 2014 I would like to say how impressed I've been with the response from each and every applicant. Unfortunately my situation has changed whereby for this moment in time I can't engage anyone due to my mother having taken a turn for the worst. It's comforting to know that SimpleNeeds are available should the need arise. Many thanks.
Jul 2 2014 Jean & Robin Auld I made a contribution a couple of weeks ago. Your ad did the trick for us
Jul 2 2014 Sylvia Coles Thank you for running this site. I have used it several times in the last 2 years both for permanent & temporary posts. Have just found 2 people who can help me with an unexpected emergency & they were so thoughtful & friendly. This seems to be true of everyone on this site. Please keep it going. Yes I have just made a contribution which I hope will help.
Jun 24 2014 This note will be my second comment on the service you provide - since my mother was diagnosed with dementia a year and a half ago, I have felt very bleak when trying to work out how to best care for her. I stumbled upon your site, placed an add not really knowing what I needed, and have been contacted now by four people - all sounding kind, charming, educated, and genuinely interested in working with someone like my mum. As it happens, I suspect we will not be moving her to live with us after all, and won't be needing help here in London. However, I want to say a huge thanks - for giving me access to such a high standard of people, and seemingly lovely, potential help. I love the fact that this is a person to person arrangement, and not one where you go through an agency, with the agency whipping off a considerable portion of the hard working person's wage. I wish you and everyone looking for help or a job lots of luck. Thanks again. Lesley
Jun 21 2014 Christina Valentine Two lovely clients came from my advert. It took a few weeks, but worth the wait. Great site, thank you.
Jun 21 2014 Sarah D I have received an almost immediate response to my ad (the next day!) and am in negotiation with propective new client already - brilliant! It's good to know it works, even if this placement doesn't work out.
Jun 19 2014 Jasmine Jones I am really pleased with the responses I have got over the last few months. One has led to a self-employed mutually satisfying work relationship which I have been in for a month now and is going well. Another recent conversation with a lovely lady had a great positive feel to it. This kind of communication whether it turns into work or not is inspiring!
Jun 19 2014 Much appreciate this website. I have been contacted and have a wonderful working relationship
Jun 16 2014 Lesley Stewart So far I have been very impressed. I didn't expect any response as I stumbled upon your site whilst researching how I might be able to help my mum who has dementia. However, I have been approached by two people who seem perfect. I will update my opinion once I have met them. Thank you so much for the service so far. I am hopeful.
Jun 9 2014 Great website, I posted an advert regarding help for my mum who has dementia and within a few days I had some replies from qualified and experienced carers who I met with and will be assisting my mum in the next few weeks.
Jun 9 2014 TC Received a very quick response and have set up an initial conversation - thank you
Jun 7 2014 Susan Been on the site for a few years, have got some long term work from it.
Jun 3 2014 Barbara Been contacted, have a great job with a lovely lady :).
Jun 3 2014 Anne Mcwilliams Great site get a lot of work from it. Could do with finding somebody that is self employed and looking for work to help me out. Thanks
Jun 2 2014 L Jervis This is an excellent and much needed site. I have been able to find suitable people to help me care for an elderly relative and have been confident that they are aware of the specific job a carer does because of the nature of this site. The site is easy to use and seems to me a safer way to look for someone reliable. Many thanks.
Jun 2 2014 Jeanie Kenyon I found a very enjoyable rewarding job through this site. I believe it is unique and would like to remain involved and help develop the forum and other services.
May 30 2014 Easy site to use. Hoping I have just matched my needs with the skills of one of your advertisers. If it happens it will be brilliant.
May 29 2014 Wonderful, thanks a million
May 24 2014 Sonja Morrison This is a fantastic site. I have a lovely lady to help me. Thank you.!
May 24 2014 Many many thanks we have found a wonderful lady called Sandi. Very pleased we will make a donation keep up the good work.
May 24 2014 Sharon Many thanks for your help, I have found help very quickly and a brilliant lady for my elderly dad and will be making a donation thanks would use again.
May 22 2014 Amazing! It really does work, we found the right person to help us over a tricky period.
May 22 2014 Mike We found an excellent respondent who has now commenced providing the help needed!
May 19 2014 Norma A really fabulous site. Has helped myself and others find work and care for those who need it.
May 19 2014 Cheryl Great site to use. I have been careing for a lady in Cheshunt who contacted me through this site. Its a good place to find people to help others.
May 6 2014 Brenda Hewitt This is a much needed site as it will help many well qualified people to find a niche out of the conventional lines of employment. Many people have a lot to offer but do not have professional qualifications, but instead have compassion and caring which will endear them to many prospective clients. This SimpleNeeds website fills a huge need.
May 1 2014 This website is a great way of finding work. I have had lots of enquiries and have found clients through this. Thanks!
Apr 23 2014 Clare Hughes A really good site....have recommended you to many friends
Apr 20 2014 Carol Alldis I recommend this site, Simple Needs care for carers as well as helping clients find the ideal support worker. It's wonderful !
Apr 15 2014 Christine Shore Hello - I have been contacted by a loving family to care for their mother - and have been doing so since the New Year - I was going to stop advertising, so to any of you who think no one looks in your area - continue advertising because someone, somewhere always looks and will surprise you !
Apr 14 2014 Isabel I definitely recommend Simple Needs. Fortunately, I have found employment as a Carer through a private contact. But, will contact Simple Needs again should the need arise.
Apr 13 2014 Sally Thank you simple needs, I have met a lovely lady through your site and there is a degree of flexibility which I like. I would recommend your website and if I need to, I would use it again in the future. Thanks.
Apr 7 2014 John McDonald This is an essential service in finding appropriate support for people who access a Personal Budget. Keep up the good work.
Apr 2 2014 Mrs C Clifford Just wanted to say thank you, I think I have found the answer to my prayers on your website, someone to give me a bit of respite in looking after my 94yr old mother with dementia. I have gladly made a contribution & will spread the word to others in my position.
Apr 2 2014 We have had a number of fast responses following our advert and I would like to thank SimpleNeeds for creating such a useful website. I am about to make a donation. Great service, many thanks.
Mar 27 2014 Kerrie Roberts I am impressed that this service exists as caring for a family member limits freedom and does not allow for decent breaks. I shall keep you posted if my search is a success, meanwhile, thank you for a site that is easy to navigate.
Mar 24 2014 Christopher Cox Excellent! Good response and excellent applicants. Found someone really suitable.
Mar 6 2014 Just got to know about you through a member of my family. Website is easy to access and straight forward. Thank you.
Feb 27 2014 Shaz This site is amazing, in the past I recruited a personal Carer through here and she was perfect. Now need another Carer and again I am using this site. Brilliant.
Feb 19 2014 Margaret I would recommend anyone to use this site, I advertised for someone to support my 30 year old son in January 2014 and we were contacted shortly after by an individual support worker who has proved invaluable, this was after using a number of different expensive companies for the previous 3 years.
Jan 17 2014 Carolyn I have paid just once & I found a perfect helper. I will gladly contribute a payment of £10 each time I find someone! The service is extremely useful.
Jan 17 2014 Many thanks to you for helping me search for work in the past, I have now found suitable work and if I ever need to search again I would contact yourselves again.
Jan 14 2014 J.B Yet again I have found a job through this site. That's 3 so far and counting. I signed off unemployment benefits because of this site. Thanks so much.
Jan 7 2014 I have found a carer for my mother through your website and am happy to make a contribution.
Dec 30 2013 Carole G I have recommended site to many people. Extremely impressed.
Dec 9 2013 Pam i cannot believe how qiuck the responses have been thankyou
Dec 2 2013 pam Really good, had a reply with in a matter of days many thanks Pam
Nov 26 2013 Kay Found a lovely lady on this site who is now caring for my mum, thank you.
Nov 25 2013 Barbara Great site..l have got some lovely job's from here...met some nice people :).
Nov 25 2013 Natalie Jeffords An excellent secure and efficient service
Nov 23 2013 Had great response last time I used this site. Employed a brilliant lady. Happy to pay fee to help you organise this great service.
Nov 16 2013 Excellent website. I have been fortunate in getting several replies in such a short time looking for a carer. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a carer.
Nov 12 2013 Clare Hughes I hope asking for payment does not reduce success for you ... I have found a lovely job through your website, and am delighted.
Nov 11 2013 jan anderson Thank you so much for your help Someone has contacted me for help and I start today This is a great service and I hope others find it just as useful.
Nov 10 2013 You should let Social Services and DRC in Bedford know about this site.
Nov 5 2013 Chris Lawrence A great website for both those who are looking for work in the caring field or looking for the some help. I have managed to get some work on 2 occasions, one of which is still continuing.
Nov 4 2013 Gill Hawes I have advertised as a respite carer. I particularly would like to work in a rural area and I only joined at the weekend and have had interest already.
Oct 28 2013 Holly Thompson Great service, already got one interview lined up within 24hrs of joining.
Oct 22 2013 Joanne Hayward Have used your service before and found it to be a very helpful site.
Oct 10 2013 Fabulous website! We have found an INDEPENDENT carer (not agency) who is perfect for my 58 year old mother... I know this carer can make my mum live like a 58 year and not a 98 year she seems to be at the moment! Thank you
Oct 7 2013 Caroline I love the site, its so simple and easy to use.
Oct 7 2013 Have read everything. Wonderfully clear and helpful. Will come back as soon as I'm ready. Thank you so much.
Oct 6 2013 Jennifer Graham Keep up the good work - this site is easy and simple to use with great results.
Oct 1 2013 Clare Hughes I have found one lovely job thanks to your website,.....Fantastic thank you!
Sep 30 2013 Lovely to receive a reply within 24 hours from someone who looks to be well matched to what I am looking for.
Sep 30 2013 We are meeting a lady who could possibly be perfect to help my mother! I am so so happy I have found this site.... This is going to be such a positive step in our lives. Thank you
Sep 30 2013 Lesley M. I was at a total loss as to how we could find safe and appropriate help for my Mother in Law when I came upon this site by chance. I have found it to be a well thought out, carefully designed environment which brings together people looking for help and those able to provide it. Thank you so much it has been an invaluable tool.
Sep 29 2013 Moya B I was given the details of your website this morning and have been suprised at how simple you have made it. I look forward to hearing something soon.
Sep 27 2013 Paul Had loads of work over the years from this great site, keep up the good work.
Sep 27 2013 Althia Barnett I just received a new enquiry wish me luck. Thanks simple needs.
Sep 20 2013 Althia Barnett This is very useful, found a job with a lovely person. Unfortunately my client passed away so i am on the hunt again, also my friend found a job within two days, so I know this site works.. It's a GOD send. Thanks Simple Needs
Sep 16 2013 Jill H Hello, I have only been registered on the site a few days and have found a lovely elderly couple who I am helping to look after. Really enjoying the work. What a great site. Good Luck to everyone.
Sep 10 2013 June G I've certainly found "simpleneeds" very helpful, I will definitely use it again. Thankyou.
Sep 9 2013 Anthony Got a reply and vacancy is now filled! Thank you so much for your foresight!
Sep 5 2013 Molyneux7962 We used Simple Needs to secure the services of an amazing care assistant for an elderly friend in April this year. Would recommend the site to anyone seeking care assistance.
Sep 5 2013 Anthony Got a positive response already, very impressed with this site, will let you know how things go.
Aug 17 2013 I find this very helpful. I have a job currently through Simple Needs. Thank you.
Aug 13 2013 David H. I am delighted to say, the connection with SimpleNeeds has worked for our needs. A connection was made within a couple of weeks, and a deal has been done within the month, which looks like being a good fit for both parties. Thank you for being the catalyst for this.
Aug 4 2013 Thanks to SimpleNeeds my parents now have someone qualified and caring to help in their home. A great web site - hope it works for others.
Jul 29 2013 K Tobin Your website was an absolute life saver for us. We advertised for a carer as my Mum had fallen over and broken both her arms. We had an immediate response and a carer was engaged for as long as was necessary. Thank you very much.
Jul 12 2013 I was pleased to find your site, as it has been such a nightmare trying to find assistance. Hopefully we will be able to employ a carer soon. Your site is clear and easy to use. Thank you
Jul 9 2013 J Everest So far, I have had 2 people interested in our advert for when School begins again in September. This is great, as I thought we would be left without any help.
Jul 5 2013 Been lucky with my first advert. Have found a lovely person who needs help for small payment I continue to look hoping for further responses. Good site quite unique I think especially when you find out what some care agencies charge elderly people per hour.Some just cant afford it
Jul 4 2013 Rachel I am encouraged that more ads are appearing on the site, it looks like this is becoming a popular place to advertise for both potential employers and employees. Well done!
Jun 30 2013 Great. The two jobs I have applied for I got them both. If it wasn't for this site, that never would have happened, so thank you.
Jun 30 2013 Think your website is a wonderful idea for putting people in working in care, and in need of care in touch with each other and I may use it again in the future, But for now my circumstances have changed. Best Wishes
Jun 25 2013 patricia franklin Brilliant Service I had a number of replies very quickly and have got a carer in situ now thankyou Simple Needs I will definately use your service again.
Jun 24 2013 Ability Professional Care Services Thank you Simple Needs. More successful wonderful people working with me to deliver a much better care service! Outstanding teams of carers - all from here!
Jun 22 2013 Sabiha Found three very good jobs. I do mornings and I do weekends and just found another for days. Best site ever!
Jun 21 2013 Carol A. Gorman I have two clients found via your site, a very good and safe site to use, would highly recommend, in fact have advised two other people to use your site.
Jun 17 2013 Jan Symes Thank you, your site is a godsend as I had begun to run out of ideas of how to help my father. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can find an angel out there.
Jun 16 2013 Aideen Grogan Thank you. We have found the service really useful and through it have found a lady who matched our requirements living within 5 mins walk from our home.
Jun 13 2013 KT What a great idea. I live in Australia, my mother lives in London, with my grandparents around the corner from her. I'm the computer literate one, so I'm organising care from 10000 miles away, with careworkers who live two minutes from their house!
Jun 11 2013 Peggie Thanks for your help we have had a few enquiries and have now got fixed up, thanks again.
Jun 9 2013 Christine Lawrence Brilliant website which keeps you updated regarding any adverts/information
Jun 7 2013 Having just joined the site i am surprised at the speed to which i have had answers, very impressed and all so informal!
Jun 6 2013 Charly Fantastic site....Two home care job offer's in 1 day, taken them both on, 3hrs in the morning and 2hrs in evening, and both in walking distance from my house :)
Jun 6 2013 I have made contact with a lovely lady. Still working it out.
Jun 6 2013 J Everest Thanks for keeping me updated even though I haven't been on the website for a while. My son's carers are often on University courses, so may change from year to year. If I'm needing help I do come to your website first even if it's only once a year. It's a great service.
Jun 5 2013 Brenda Barrington-Fisher First message I received was today and I only put advert in last night so I am very impressed so far.
Jun 5 2013 Simple to use and a contact the first day.
Jun 5 2013 Elizabeth I have only been on the site for 2 days and already i have someone interested. I will keep my fingers crossed that i can be of help. I am really amazed at the speed i have my first reply.E
Jun 4 2013 Cumbria I have been caring for a lovely lady for over 12 months found by my advert on your site.She has now gone into full time care,i am now available in the mornings to help and hope to find someone as lovely as she was
Jun 4 2013 Jan Thank you for the advert I am now a carer in the Derby Area.
Jun 4 2013 P Croucher Thankyou I'm now a private carer for a gentleman
Jun 4 2013 Paulene I am working as a private carer thanks to you. Thankyou so much
Jun 3 2013 I have had a great response so far. Thank you for such a marvellous resource.
Jun 3 2013 Heather Madden So far i am very impressed and pleased with how quick i received a response
Jun 2 2013 Suzanne Sinclair A nurse i work with told me about this site, fantastic, good work thanks
Jun 2 2013 Very impressed with your site and have found what I was looking for. Keep it up
May 31 2013 Juliet Corbett I found what I wanted very quickly. Thank you.
May 30 2013 Been using this site for quite a while its user friendly overall excellent service. Seen many other companies and advertisements but so far simpleneeds is number one in finding care and looking for care jobs and advertising for jobs
May 28 2013 Anthony Ventura Very helpful site - it has provided invaluable local assistance for my father
May 27 2013 W Shaw. I am still with the lady who's sister phoned me up last year, we get on so well and am now recommending a friend to this site who is looking for work, great site, well done.
May 22 2013 L M Ferguson. Thank you so much for finding me a carer through advertising on your site I am well pleased for all the help you have afforded me and am really grateful.
May 21 2013 Meena I am looking after two people through simple needs! thank you very much
May 21 2013 Found someone extremely good through you and would use you again.
May 21 2013 Louise Thank you - I have taken on a lovely client who found me through your site - she is very happy with the high standard of care she is receiving from me and for the fact that she found my care service through yourselves. Keep up the good work!
May 21 2013 Anna Site is excellent. Have secured many positions and remain busy.
May 16 2013 Paul Atkinson. Hi we have found two great carers great site, we just need one for weekends now
May 16 2013 Philippa Bradley We have found a lovely carer from this site thank you Simple Needs
May 15 2013 Carol Spencer My first visit to your site I am advertising in the local shops and newspaper with no luck so I really hope some good will come out of this very simple way of trying to get help. So far I feel very positive and will keep you posted!
May 15 2013 Christian McCanna Have just sent another message to a third contact. Am meeting one of the 2 I first contacted tomorrow, so it's looking good. This web site is an invaluable aid to arranging a personal care package with specific individuals. This is not easy to do through an agency!
May 15 2013 Sasha Hails Excellent so far. One reply after 2 hours.
May 14 2013 Christian McCanna Dear Charles Thank you for taking the initiative, and the time to set this up. I live in Worthing, and there are a number of carers registered locally. It is likely that use of this will grow, maybe you should consider allowing people that you have helped to make a small voluntary donation. After all, you are saving us money!
May 14 2013 This website is fantastic! Thankyou so much for your excellent service. It has been invaluable to us.
May 14 2013 Christian J. McCanna This seems to be such a useful web site. I am trying to recruit a small team of carers for my cousin, and this has located several people who live very close.
May 12 2013 Dawn Christie I think your site is a really good idea. I live in a very sparsely populated area in Mid Wales, and my search results produced nothing within 20 miles, but a few around 50 miles away. This is obviously too far, but I shall keep looking. Thankyou.
Apr 26 2013 MICHAEL DART Excellent Service will use again if necessary thank you.
Apr 26 2013 Zuriel Today is my first time. I am new to this website. If everything goes well I will be the happiest person on earth, I will introduce friends to join me.
Apr 25 2013 This website is brilliant - I have just placed an advert & hope things go well
Apr 25 2013 Kim I have had one meeting with a lady who, possibly, would like me to work for her. Meeting her mother next week. Thank you
Apr 19 2013 Genevieve D I have had one job from Simple Needs which didn't really work long term but the connection was a good honest one from a nice family and I am grateful to you for the opportunity.
Apr 18 2013 Lindy Really pleased with the site and hoping to find my dream job as I love caring for others
Apr 17 2013 Lorraine L. Got a response to my add after one day. Really pleased.
Apr 8 2013 Terry L I have found SimpleNeeds web page and site very useful and reliable, my Emails have always had a response, I have no reservations about recommending it.
Apr 4 2013 Lorraine This website is a fantastic idea. its exactly what is needed to help needy people! I really believe its what is needed to sort out the massive shortage of care in the community and I also think its going to be a HUGE success. well done Simple needs, brilliant idea
Apr 4 2013 Jane P Your site has been very useful and easy to use. I will definitely use it in the future and will recommend you to other people.
Apr 2 2013 Recomended to me by another professional.. great website.. thanks.
Mar 31 2013 The first person that answered my ad is just what I was looking for in a carer. Thank you very much for your service.
Mar 27 2013 A brilliant service. Got the lady I am looking for.Many thanks.
Feb 22 2013 Great site, I found a job which suited myself and the client less than 5 minutes away without simple needs we would never have found each other. Keep up the good work and thanks.
Feb 15 2013 A.S. Well impressed with this free service and will certainly 'spread the news' amongst fellow carers and friends!
Feb 15 2013 Carol G I find your service very useful and professional and have advised many friends to join SimpleNeeds as I am pleased with the service you offer.
Feb 12 2013 This is a wonderful site keep up the good work. Thanks.
Feb 11 2013 Gillian C This advertising is just what we were looking for. Keep up the good work.
Feb 9 2013 Claire G This is a fantastic forum for both individuals wanting to provide a quality service, and for individuals or families requiring support for loved ones.
Feb 7 2013 This is a fantastic service. All too often huge companies monopolise the service as certainly in my area only large companies tender for council business and only these companies names are passed on to people with care allowances. Quite often you will be sent a different person each time and be charged a premium amount. This website allows small businesses to offer a more reliable and friendly service.
Feb 6 2013 Trish H Brillliant site - a great idea, hope it becomes more popular.
Jan 23 2013 Sally H Brill site. Only cancelling as I have now got sorted. Thanks
Jan 15 2013 Suzanne M I have managed to find someone to help look after my brother - this site has been very good.
Jan 13 2013 Ms Smith Brilliant service you provide, had load of enquiries and found the right person for my needs that lived local. Have already recommended this site to people and will do so in the future.
Jan 8 2013 Brenda Recieved a reply within 12 hours! Fantastic service.
Jan 1 2013 Mrs S Bhatti Thank you very much for all your help. I have been successful in finding Home Help. I would not hesitate to recommend SimpleNeeds to anybody who needed to find Home Help. Many Thanks and Happy New Year. PS Please keep up the good work . God Bless.
Dec 28 2012 MRS. NATHAN Thank you very much SimpleNeeds. Your service is highly appreciated and in demand in this "greying" world. Keep up with your good valuable service. I have used it many times because it is free and on line service. LONGLIVE!!
Dec 22 2012 Lucy Hi - I found a wonderful carer for my Mum here. This site made it so simple.
Nov 27 2012 Heather D I have found this site to be first class with people contacting me very quickly.
Nov 19 2012 Lisa I've been successful with obtaining work before from this site, approx 2 years ago, I still work for the lady in question and I am now looking for some more work. Its very good for relatives looking for private help.
Nov 7 2012 Debbie This site has worked very well so far for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to work freelance. The communication process is efficient and fast and matches clients to services offered.
Nov 1 2012 Prue T The service provided by Simple Needs has been great and has resulted in our appointing a very suitable person to provide the support we're looking for. The system was quick and easy to use and very efficient.
Oct 30 2012 Tracey Very easy to use and got me the help I wanted for my Dad. Thanks
Oct 25 2012 Claire A I am a bit hopeless with computers but I found this site a joy to use. I am looking forward to a reply, was amazed that I found someone in my area on the first look!
Oct 23 2012 Angie I only wish this website was advertised more. It would be very useful and helpful to a lot of people.
Oct 17 2012 I'm very happy with the response that I got from my advert.I was able to find someone to match my needs with in a few days.
Oct 15 2012 I could not believe my eyes when I discovered your website. Absolutely great idea.
Oct 12 2012 Bridie L What a useful alternative service to using a care agency. SimpleNeeds offer a great means of getting the right personal care for loved ones.
Oct 9 2012 Sue, This is a great site which I have found to be really helpful in getting the correct help, I only wish it could be advertised on TV as it's not well known.
Oct 5 2012 Dee Advertised for some home help and it's free of charge to do so......within 24 hours I received my first reply. How good is that!!
Sep 18 2012 Michael in Plymouth I am delighted to report that as a result of an ad on your site I have someone who fits the bill. I would reccommend anyone to use to use your site as it does what it says on the tin!
Sep 17 2012 Mick Towlson Many thanks for the help that your website gave us in a time of need. The requirement has now gone away as the person concerned has passed away. I will return to this site should a new need arise.
Aug 31 2012 Mary H I think this is a fantastic service, people do not always need or want to go through the social service assessment procedure and this offers people choices and not have to fit in with what is available.
Aug 24 2012 Deborah Thankyou for the free service and reminder to reconfirm my advert. I think the name of the site is very appropriate and I love the picture of the gentleman and lady in top left corner. Nice friendly attractive way to advertise the site and services offered. Thankyou once again.
Aug 15 2012 Really good website and service. Have got my elderly Dad a carer which is working out well.I have tried 3 different Agency companies in the past but none provided a satisfactory service.
Aug 14 2012 Louise E I only found this web site this morning while looking for domestic help ads, what a fantastic idea. We need more sites like this, it will not only help people who are in need of help and support, but also people like me, who want to get back to work, but doing something they love.
Aug 5 2012 Martin P Sounds like an excellent service which I discovered just today. Most people will at some stage need to make arrangements for their elderly loved ones' palliative care. The current healthcare system is biased towards expensive residential or agency care and alternative private care arrangements need to be promoted in this way. Well done!
Jul 30 2012 Emma F What a wonderful service. I kept scrolling down to see where must I pay? But it is free thank you, thank you, thank you.
Jul 14 2012 L Ferguson Many thanks to simpleneeds for efficient and helpful service. I really am impressed with the speedy responses to my advert. So far I have been successful in my quest for a carer and I am very grateful to you.
Jul 8 2012 Melissa C Thank you SimpleNeeds for helping me to retain my autonomy. The current gov't could take lessons from your direct, client-centred approach!
Jul 2 2012 Pam What a lovely place to find a carer. I found you by accident somewhere on Gumtree and from what I have been reading, I will place an add in the next few days.
Jun 24 2012 This site is very easy to use and has solved us a lot of problems in trying to find extra help for my elderly mum in law. She has NHS carers but they are very limited in what they are allowed to do.
Jun 13 2012 Mo I am very pleased with the response I received from the ad. Many thanks. I have passed this on to so many friends of mine.
Jun 12 2012 Jean, Well done Simple Needs. A reply within 10 hours. Its taken Job Centre 11 days to get an ad on line.
May 10 2012 Don First time I have used the service but I like the confidentiality and think the concept is brilliant.
May 7 2012 Anne A. This is a brilliant, simple and very helpful website for anybody looking for care. I hope lots of people are able to use it. I'd recommend it to anyone. Thankyou for the help you gave me and my Mum.
May 6 2012 Jenny K Dear Simple Needs, thank you for the easy-to-use Service you provide. I have been connected to wonderful local people who appreciate the services I provide. May you continue to go from strength to strength.
May 5 2012 Great service, very easy to use, and I think we have found a lovely lady to help my grandmother with washing, shopping etc. thank you - highly recommended!
May 4 2012 I am extremely pleased with the service provided as it is indeed "simple" but very efficient and reliable without being intrusive. Happy to say that I am still in my very first post found through Simpleneeds.
May 1 2012 S Brown I was impressed with the SimpleNeeds site, quick response to the links, and even better the good response to my advertisement. I would use your site again. Thank you and good luck for future advertisers and applicants!
May 1 2012 Sarah Collins This website is easy to use and offers real hope in terms of finding appropriate assistance.
Apr 27 2012 Sylvia Coles I do wish you advertised your website more. I found it quite by accident but it is very useful & I have been successful twice.
Apr 26 2012 Danielle Smith This a wonderful idea, finding care can be a very difficult and emotional thing to do, different people have different needs, and this service takes a lot of the stress out of it, brilliant.
Apr 23 2012 Wendy May I wish that this would be more widely used as its so easy and helpful.
Apr 21 2012 Theresa Peckham This scheme is a BRILLIANT idea and much needed in these times. I hope it continues to expand and even if I am not successful in finding carework myself I would still recommend people to visit this website.
Apr 16 2012 Janet Keen This is a fantastic website for carers wanting to offer a more personal special service - giving the client exactly the care they want and deserve.
Apr 13 2012 June Clarke I didn't know such a website existed, it sounds really good, I'm hoping I can get some help for my mum, aged 97, and her sister, aged 84 and suffering from Alzheimer's.
Apr 12 2012 B I think this is a great idea,just needs a bit more publicity (I understand this is costly!) I will certainly pass the message around-great site thanks!
Apr 6 2012 I found this site really useful at a difficult period of my life, its not easy to admit you need help but this straightforward layout makes it that much easier!
Apr 6 2012 Clare What a great site :o)
Apr 6 2012 Maggie Have just started using SimpleNeeds and am impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of the site. I am sure it will meet my needs.
Apr 4 2012 Jaime B Great web page, easy to follow.
Apr 4 2012 Beth I was very happy to find SimpleNeeds on the web and found it easy to use and would recommend it to anybody I know who is seeking home help or offering the service.
Apr 3 2012 Paul Garner Brilliant service to put people with special needs in touch locally. Well Done SimpleNeeds.
Apr 3 2012 MrsB (Manchester) I found Simple Needs to be an easy to use, simple and highly efficient service. It was extremely helpful and useful. Thank you for your excellent service.
Apr 3 2012 Carla Fantastic help in making contact with people in your neighbourhood.
Nov 15 2011 , Lesleyanna (Carer), Just wanted to say how wonderful to find this facility for both carers and those needing care. Thank you for your insight and dedication to making a better world for our elderly, bravo!
Nov 8 2011 , Mrs. A of Barrow-in-Furness, I would just like to say a big thank you for this site! It's brilliant. We've found a lovely lady to be a carer for our Mum, and it's all thanks to you. Keep up the good work!
Nov 5 2011 , JP Newcastle, Really love your idea and website. I think it really is what is needed, and I hope it becomes more well known and used. Please keep up the grand work. Much appreciated.
Nov 1 2011 , Mrs. R of Gillingham, Kent, I am delighted to have found you (by accident). I have had several responses to an advert I placed for a friend and I will definately let friends know about your service. Again many thanks indeed.
Sep 9 2011 , Annabel from Norwich, What a wonderful website. I found just the help I needed. Thank you so so much.
Aug 4 2011 , Shirley M, Great site. Found help for my Mum when I couldn't find it anywhere else. Please keep it going.
Jul 4 2011 , Rod from Godalming Just a short line to thank you for taking all my stress away. I have had 2 replies for help inside 18hrs - either of which will be ideal! Truly, one of the most useful sites I've ever come across. Keep up the good work!
Jul 2 2011 , H.D. What a great website! It contains so much information and is very helpful. To find a carer will be easy now with the aid of a simple search. Thank you for this website and I certainly will spread the word about Simple Needs.
Jun 22 2011 , C.T. from Chichester Hi, Thought I'd just congratulate you on having this brilliant idea. My own circumstances prevent me from taking a full time job and I have thought about offering home help/care for a while now but do not want to travel the long distance required by some agencies. It makes so much sense to be able to recruit from the clients own area- some people may be best with a couple of short visits a day, which becomes viable if client and carer are a short distance from one another. Hope your idea gets lots of good publicity!
May 18 2011 , Mrs J.P. from Cambridgeshire Fanatastic site, very simple but clever, i have told all my friends about it, i hope it goes from strength to strength.