SimpleNeeds Home Care Wanted & Offered Free Private Ads
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How it works

What Does it cost?

Starting 1 February 2016, we’re introducing a new charging scheme.

A fee will be charged when Client and Carer commence an actual placement.

The fee is £50, split between Client and Carer at £25 each.

If you aren’t successful there is no charge. No placement – no fee.

Adverts and messaging continue to be free of charge to Private Individuals.

For more information and background read more ...

The Process

1. You place an Advert

When you place a HomeCare Advert, the essentials are your name, postcode and email address. All other questions relate to the care setting and are optional. You can preview your advert, change it as often as you want, even cancel it, before it goes on the noticeboard.

2. Your Privacy

You give us your Email Address in order for us to communicate with you. Your Email Address is not shown anywhere. Client Adverts display only the first part of the postcode and the village/district/town, so the road name is not shown. Carer Adverts display the whole postcode and associated partial address which includes road name. Your name is shown only in Enquires and Replies so that you have a handle for who you're talking to.

3. We send you an email confirming your Advert

After an advert has been entered,  we send you an email confirming your Advert. In the email we include a link which you can click on to Change or Cancel your Advert.

4. Your Ad is now listed for 30 days

The advert is listed for at least 30 days, and in due course we send you a link asking you to Re-Confirm. At any time you can change or cancel your advert via the admin link we include in our initial email, or by using the ContactUs page. If you ignore successive Re-Confirm requests, your advert just expires.

5. We tell you when there are new Adverts that may be of interest

On a regular basis, daily at present, we look to see if there are any new adverts within range of your postcode. If there's something for you to see, we send you an email containing a link to the Search page. This stops when your Ad expires or is cancelled.

6. Changing and Cancel your Ad

When you want to change or cancel your Advert, you use the link in the Confirmation and Alert emails we send you. If you lose them, and need a new email and link, there is an automated facility on our Contact Us page to get a new one.

7. Making and Receiving Enquiries

You make enquiries via our Search Pages. Essential information is your name and email address. All Enquiries and Replies are sent out using our own email address. We never reveal anyone's email address. Both parties use our message service for as long required, until you are happy to to exchange contact details and get in touch directly with each other.