SimpleNeeds Home Care Wanted & Offered Free Private Ads
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About Us

We are a small family enterprise based in Reading, Berkshire and we run SimpleNeeds from home. The website is based on experience gained through several years of involvement in the care of my parents as they grew old and frail. Read more ...

I've learned a great deal about the state of affairs of the elderly and those in need of help at home. There's no shortage of information, and its never far from the headlines. There's an amazing number of websites devoted to one aspect or another of the subject run by various public bodies, charities and support groups, and most of them offer masses of advice and information. However, despite this wealth of advice and information, finding affordable hands-on help is difficult.

And that's exactly what SimpleNeeds aims to do - help you find affordable Social Care from within your local neighbourhood. I believe it has the potential to make an enormous difference, and it just needs people to start using it in their own neighbourhoods.

Launched in May 2010, our service is offered free of charge to private carers and clients.


Charles Watts
Reading, Berkshire