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Comments from our Clients and Carers

Jan 17 2021 7:01AM Toni Not what I'm looking for
Jan 15 2021 10:35AM Looking forward to getting some feedback - first time on this site :-)
Jan 14 2021 1:33PM Vitalia I do not know why i still update my advert offering my care services. Haven't had any offers from SimpleNeeds in years. But hope is almighty.
Jan 13 2021 8:49AM I haven't had any work from here for over 12 months
Jan 13 2021 5:47AM Penny Star Just that I AM suprised after all these years I've only had one or two enquiries
Jan 12 2021 4:57PM Shelly Looking forward to meeting new clients
Jan 12 2021 1:36PM Don't think anyone looks at this site?
Jan 12 2021 12:43AM Yvonne Gordon At present waiting to meet new clients.
Jan 10 2021 7:02PM Cheryl Burrows Looking forward to meeting my new clients
Jan 10 2021 5:43PM Cheryl Burrows Straightforward hoping to meet some lovely people