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Comments from our Clients and Carers

Oct 23 2021 6:11AM Sue Good website
Oct 23 2021 6:10AM Sue Good website
Oct 23 2021 6:10AM Sue Thank you
Oct 22 2021 6:27AM I agree terms if I get a job
Oct 20 2021 12:41PM Karin In my opinion, this platform is not doing good marketing for us carers. I have hardly any viewings, nobody contacting me.
Oct 18 2021 4:29PM Caroline Have not got one client from this site.
Oct 15 2021 11:11AM janan I am just registered. trying to verify my email address but unable to do so. please send it again.
Oct 15 2021 10:55AM Laurie Phillips Simple needs is the most sensible and helpful site for anyone needing carers. It is reassuring to know it is there as it is an easy way to discover available carers in your area.
Oct 15 2021 9:17AM I like the message/reply system it is efficient & feels secure.
Oct 15 2021 5:50AM Still no work available in my location but I am getting work locally