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Comments from our Clients and Carers

Nov 15 2023 10:37PM Still in process
Nov 15 2023 4:48PM Still working on it !
Nov 15 2023 9:24AM OK so far
Nov 15 2023 7:29AM Waiting for a result
Nov 14 2023 12:01PM Kate Baker Website is simple to use
Nov 11 2023 9:25PM Karen I think this is a brilliant facility.
Nov 3 2023 7:58AM I’ve had an advert for several years and never had anyone contact me .
Nov 2 2023 11:54AM Free and helpful
Nov 1 2023 3:36PM praxides this website is good for connecting private carer and clients as it is very difficult to find work. i hope this will connect me
Oct 22 2023 3:50PM Nanette Stella Neely It is simple and easy, I can now say exactly what I can offer. Thank you