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Comments from our Clients and Carers

Sep 17 2019 1:14PM Very easy site to use, hopefully it will lead to work .
Sep 15 2019 9:09AM Fab site easy to use
Sep 14 2019 9:25AM DIANE SIMPSON Cant click on the link to confirm my email .... what can I do to get my message sent ?
Sep 13 2019 8:03PM Carmen Excellent service!!! Love you r site.
Sep 12 2019 10:17AM Carmen Durgacharan Please I am locked out of my account with simpleneeds and I need to see the message for help sent to me yesterday.. Please resend so that I can reply. thanks.
Our Reply: Please see email just sent.
Sep 11 2019 11:54AM Diane Treat
Sep 9 2019 8:57AM Josie Hi , Im very much available as a carer to assist clients ASAP but since signing up for this site last year I have had not one single person contact me . I have a huge amount of experience and willingness to help people so can’t understand why I’m not being matched up to help someone I could really make a difference. It seems no one is monitoring this site or even ensuring its running smoothly . I’m seeing more negatives than positives in the comments section. For those who need a carer I’m here .
Our Reply: Our Site is well monitored and should be running smoothly for you. However whether you have any interest in your advert is not a tech thing, its a human thing. And regarding comments, it goes in waves, sometimes more positive, sometimes more negative. Its the way it goes.
Sep 7 2019 6:36PM The system automatically registered me but I don't know how to log in as it won't reset the non-existent password when I click on Forgot Password. It expects a security answer to a question I was never asked.
Sep 6 2019 4:57PM Ms kotak How can we contact a Carer from your site?
Sep 6 2019 9:37AM Bridget Reynolds Concept is great. First time using. I heard about it the son of someone I was caring for and love the origins. Authentic.