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Do you ever ask yourself "Is there a carer job near me ?"

If you do, then you've come to the right place!

Every day we have Clients searching our database for a Carer, usually families looking for Care for relatives.

You have a good chance of finding a Care job near your home or a Live In Care job thats suits you. We have Live In Carer Companion jobs for the elderly living at home, and we have Personal Assistant jobs. Some Care jobs are cash in hand, some more formal, some paid by a Client's Direct Payment. Carer rates vary widely, from minimum wage up to £15 per hour depending on the circumstances.

If you’re a Carer looking for a Carer job, give us a try, post your advert here on SimpleNeeds.

Carers are known by several different job titles. The term Care Worker is a general term and covers care work in an individuals home as well as care work in Care Homes. Amongst the disabled community “Personal Assistant” is commonly used, but avoid confusion with a businessman’s PA.

“Home Care” or “HomeCare” (without the space) is another term commonly used and of course this gets mixed up with general household care. And finally the American term "Caregiver” is occasionally encountered.

Its important to highlight the various names that are in use, since it makes a difference to internet search results, whether google, bing, or yahoo and so on. We have to make sure that we can be found when people search for Carer jobs, Home Help jobs, HomeHelp jobs, Home care jobs, HomeCare jobs, Care Worker job, Care Assistant job, Personal Assistant job, Home Care job , and finally the American Caregiver, and probably several other names we haven’t yet spotted.

And when you look it the other way around, from the Clients viewpoint, you start with “Service User”, but that's on another page.