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Home Help Carer at BS7 9NE , MULLER ROAD, HORFIELD, BRISTOL seeks Carer Job within 50 + Miles of home.

" I am 54 year old female. Looking for new live in client.
I have varied experience of care. My most recent has been end of life care which I lived in. I have stayed with the family longer as unfortunately the husband of my client had a stroke whilst having a knee replacement which has now meant he has a peg feed. I have helped my client during sad loss of his wife, begin to adapt to his peg feed and help him gain confidence with his walking so now he feels he can go from live in care to home
care twice a day.
I have experience with dementia,strokes,complex care. Catheters. I have full UK driving license.A keen cook but not great with cakes.Love travelling. Rugby. Enjoy nature. I am organized, considerate, empathic and very keen to be an enabler for my clients.
My preference for working is 4 to six weeks working with 4 weeks off. I would also be interested in one off jobs for example client needing help after operation. I would envisage that would be a minimum of two weeks.I
I am happy to work anywhere in the country or aboard as have a full UK passport

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