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Home Help Carer at CT9 5BL , HATFEILD ROAD, MARGATE seeks Carer Job within 50 + Miles of home.

" I'm a fully trained (hold an NVQ Level 4 and a BA Health & Social Care) calm and patient care manager with over 20 years experience of spinal injury, dementia, strokes, and various other illnesses and disabilities. I also have a portable enhanced DBS, experience of driving wheelchair adapted vehicles and a clean driving licence.
I am currently with a team of 3 PA's: one carer works 4 weeks, the second carer works 3 weeks, and I work the remaining 1 week.
I'm now looking to join another team; working on the same rota basis i.e. 1 week in every 7 or 8 weeks. Ideally in Kent, or London. I'm also available to work short one offs i.e. 2-4 days and/or nights.
Please let me know if I can help. I'm in Margate; however I travel free on the trains

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