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Home Help Carer at KT3 3EY , CHELTENHAM CLOSE, NEW MALDEN seeks Carer Job within 50 Miles of home.

" Do you look after an elderly relative and need support or a break? Or do you need a carer yourself?
I am an experience carer having worked within a Care Home and visiting clients in their own homes with relevant training.

I am seeking work as a self-employed carer in the following areas:

• Companionship including preparation of meals if needed and non-critical care including personal care and administration of medicines.
• Also sleep overs (waking nights) and weekend cover

I charge one flat rate of £20 an hour working locally within 3 miles of KT3 4PX and take one hour bookings. Outside this area chargeable travel time to be agreed with a minimum 2 hour attendance.

Contact me to discuss, please provide an email (if you have one) a

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