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Home Help Carer at IP20 9BU, MALTHOUSE COURT, HARLESTON seeks Carer Job within 20 Miles of home.

" I feel as though I was born to work in the care industry. From a young age my dream was to become a nurse. Circumstances have only allowed me to pursue this in the last 5 years and I have caring experience in both South Africa and in England. Since starting life as a live in carer I have worked for many different kinds of clients. I have vast experience of looking after people with epilepsy and seizures (5 years), Parkinsons, dementia, mobility impairment and strokes. Every client is different in terms of their needs and personality. I always strive to form a strong bond with my client, and wherever possible try to stay working with them for extended periods of time. I feel that continuity of care is the key to success with any client. I am a great cook, full of fun and like to laugh. I can hold a good conversation with people at all levels, I am honest, dependable and hard working. I do not believe that you can create a compassionate nature, and that you need to be born with it. I was blessed with this trait, though sometimes i need to be reminded to think with my head and not my heart. I can style hair and give a great pedicure. I enjoy pampering my client, and even men deserve a good scalp massage and manicure. I will work anywhere in the UK, and am not restricted or put off by distance.All in all, i take enjoyment in pleasing my customer, and nothing is too much trouble. This is short and sweet, as is life, and my ambition is to make yours the best that we can. "

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