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Home Help Carer at IV2 6XD , , FLICHITY, INVERNESS seeks Carer Job within 10 Miles of home.

" I am a private home carer to a number of clients but at present, to a few clients who sadly, struggle with Alzheimer's/Dementia and also the elderly who do not wish to have different faces, care agencies coming into their home.
Its about building trust and building a relationship. I am particularly passionate about this as my late Grandmother did not have consistency in care, routine, trust etc with an agency coming into her home.
I am a people person, I care very much My daughter is an A&E Doctor and tells me of the need for good care.
I have references and an Enhanced Disclosure.
Please contact me, if you require care for yourself or a family member in order to meet and see if I am suitable for your requirements.
Julie Stewart

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