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Home Help Carer at AB25 2LA, WALLFIELD CRESCENT, ABERDEEN seeks Carer Job within 2 Miles of home.

" My name is Monika, I currently study English language at Marishall college.
I am looking for a part time job as a carer, approximately ten hours a week.
I am a hard-working, honest, and empathetic person.
I have an artistic soul and am passionate about food. I paint, make sugar paste figures, and cook healthy low fat gluten free food.
I can help with household chores such as cleaning, ironing, and cooking. I am very reliable, thorough, and can cook different meals according to individual preferences. My food is especially well suited for people with various food allergies. I can also make delicious low sugar cakes based on high quality gluten free ingredients.
I used to care for people with dementia, and serious health conditions. I also have experience at working with young people with behavioural problems. I performed a successful CPR in real life, thus saving another person’s life.

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