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Home Help Carer at SW6 6PD , MEADOWBANK CLOSE, LONDON seeks Carer Job within 50 + Miles of home.

" My name is Ewa. I'm 39 and i'm polish.I'm looking for a long term job as a live in carer. I have had 7 years experience in taking care of the Eldery and checkable references from british families I'm self-employed in the UK, I have NINo and I'm legally allowed to work in your country. I love looking after people and making them feel safe and well cared for. I'm passionate about improving people's lives and making sure that every person who needs help receives the highest level of care and attention. I also want people to be happy as much as it's possible so I put effort into bringing joy to the lives of those I work with. I’m willing to travel anywhere in the UK. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me "

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