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Home Help Carer at DL2 3HQ , GAINFORD ROAD, INGLETON, DARLINGTON seeks Carer Job within 10 Miles of home.

" my name is Michael castro, currently living in u.k. with five years residency which allow me to live work ,study in u.k. I'm looking for a carer job for elderly,i have few months work at careline darlington as a carer.did not stay very long because they don't pay my petrol allowance,even I work overtime I only paid what is on my rota.with those few months experience I learn quick and know how to care and manage what elderly person very good on cleaning the house help them to wash,assist going to bed and out to very concern on self hygene,im in very good health energetic.i have my own car to drive so no problem to drive them around or do some shopping or take for a day out when the weather suit to my user.i do care for elderl "

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