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Home Help Carer at SA31 3EW, ST. CATHERINE STREET, CARMARTHEN seeks Carer Job within 50 Miles of home.

" I started my care work at the age of 17 since then I have been full time in a nursing home ,, part time care home and private work where I work self employed I do and can do live in my experience is dementia care Alzheimer care and some disabilities .I have references from my last employer where I lived in looking after a gentleman with dementia for 3 years in London .I do personal care ,laundry ,house work ,medication , cooking fresh nutritious meals, Doctor and hospital appointments dental appointments etc if car available afternoons out and about if it is called for .I am able to live in or call on a daily basis I have certificates in 1/Dementia care 2/venerable adults 3/ infection control 4/Fire safety 5/ coshh "

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