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Home Help Carer at LS13 4SX, POPLAR CROFT, LEEDS seeks Carer Job within 10 Miles of home.

" Hi I currently work a company providing care ie personal care, social calls/outings, shopping, domestic duties etc...I really enjoy my job that I do and I get great satisfaction from doing my job well and making families feel reassured about the care their loved ones get and making my clients happy and content with the care they receive from me, however, I feel more than disappointed when clients have had other carers visit them and simply don't do the job properly, so I am thinking of going self employed in giving care as then I can give clients the times/care they require and more importantly deserve. In order to leave my current job I need to see if I would get enough interest. im at the end of my diploma level 2(includes meds/dementia "

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