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Home Help Carer at CO6 4HZ , BEAR STREET, NAYLAND, COLCHESTER seeks Carer Job within 50 + Miles of home.

" Hello,
I am an experianced carers, 49, a driver and a housekeeper and cook.
I am Polish but I was an English teacher for many years and I know about the English ways and culture and I am fond of it.
I have my own house and garden and I am very practical.
I have always had many friends among elderly and I love spending time with them.
I did a lot of care jobs around the UK . Now I would like to offer a private care along with my other friends- carers so we can offer continuity of a private care. As I still have a family to look after, I can work all the time so I can provide a good experianced carers on a rota basis and fill all the breaks.
That would be cheaper than the agency and still a very high level.
We can contact on skype or phone

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