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Home Help Carer at PL1 3HY , UNION PLACE, PLYMOUTH seeks Carer Job within 50 + Miles of home.

" Hello! I am a mature, experienced female Carer. In the past I have spent many years working in office environment and the past 6 years in care - private care, childcare and elderly care. I have worked mostly with people with dementia and Parkinson's. I am currently in Plymouth, looking for a new stable placement. I am aiming for a long term position as I work best with people with whom I can develop a personal relationship based on trust. I am kind, open minded and practical. I am organized, analytical and keen to help. I am happy to offer a friendly ear and offer endless cups of tea:) Of course, I am able to do basic cooking be cleaning if need be. I can provide DBS, NIN, references and start working as soon as March/April 2017. "

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