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Home Help Carer at SK3 8RJ , ROSTHERNE ROAD, STOCKPORT seeks Carer Job within 20 Miles of home.

" Hi,
I'm self employed, with enhance DBS and fully insured. Offering personal care and support to adults and the elderly, covering from tranpsort, cooking, prep foods for one week in advance to full on domestic clean. And also a wide range of housekeeping services to busy household.
Been in hospitality for over 15 years, from chef to management. And had a home base cleaning business, before full time restaurant management took over. Currently working part time for a agency in care and studying my NVQ L2 and saving to study palliative care L3.
I provide a compassionate, person centred care and support service with a proactive and common sense approach.
Please contact me through this site for more information about me and the service I offered

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