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Home Help Carer at SY13 2LL, CAMBRIAN VIEW, BETTISFIELD, WHITCHURCH seeks Carer Job within 20 Miles of home.

" Chrissy’s Home Help
I am a self-employed private carer with 20 years of experience with caring for the elderly and disabled. I'm very passionate about caring and I can provide my clients with the professional help they seek at an affordable price.
My service as a Carer is to help people or to those that cannot do certain things for themselves. The level of care I can offer you involves coming into your home and offering a range of services so that you can remain in your home in your own safe enviroment.
There are all kinds of services that I can offer you:
Personal Care: Providing Help and support where needed.
Companion Care; Keeping you company.
Social Care: Taking you to Appointments, Hairdresser

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