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Yes - it does work :
  In just the last 7 days, we have seen 30 of our Enquiries result in the Client and Carer exchanging direct contact details.
What does it cost :

At present we offer a free advertising and messaging service for private individuals.

We only ask for a payment if you successfully negotiate a placement - currently set at £25 from each party.

And we also ask visitors to leave a comment on the Thank You page.

Your comments are valuable to us, as well as contributing to the site's content and profile.

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What the Clients and Carers say :
Mar 4 2017 6:02PM Alison Holland A very good idea to put carers and clients together. Thank you for this. Everything works which is great for getting help quickly.
Feb 24 2017 1:51PM JWB of Truro This is a good site and it is simple and effective. It does actually work and by not using an agency, costs are kept low. Although I did not take up any offers, it was not because none came through but because circumstances changed. I would recommend this to anyone and I will be returning in the future if I need to. Thank you to staff and web managers!
Feb 24 2017 11:05AM Barbara This site is really helpful and I have had several clients from here over the last 2 years. It would be really useful if everyone spread the word about simpleneeds, as it does not seem to be well-known in certain areas (I have just moved to Exeter and there are only a limited number of clients advertising here). As we all know, the best way to get the word out these days is by word of mouth, so please tell your friends and help us all!
Feb 21 2017 5:27PM Many thanks for your help. Up to now I cannot find a suitable carer in this area.but will keep looking. Simpleneeds seems an excellent service, I will keep trying. Regards, Michael Moy.
Feb 17 2017 6:14PM Lynda So pleased that I found your site, may have found someone for my Mothers assistance, just waiting to meet with the carer, with thanks
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Our Mission :
  • To be the UK's best "HomeCare Wanted and Offered" adverts website
  • Where Carers and Clients can get in contact with each other
  • To make their own private arrrangements for home care and domiciliary care
  • For elderly and disabled, friends and relations

Thank you for visiting SimpleNeeds. We hope your search for Home Care is successful.