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Yes - it does work :
  In just the last 7 days, we have seen 42 of our Enquiries result in the Client and Carer exchanging direct contact details.
How does it work :

After our recent payment trial, we have gone back to a completely free service for private individuals.

For the next period of time, we plan to ask just for contributions to help pay the bills, and see how that goes.


What the Clients and Carers say :
Oct 31 2014 8:06AM Jane Thank you Simple Needs. We are a family wanting a specialist care package for our father but trying not to use an agency, rightly or wrongly. This has been the only source that helps us find private carers, we are most grateful.
Oct 28 2014 6:28PM I found an excellent carer for my mum in January, but she has now moved on to another job. I'm glad to see the website is still very easy to use and am hoping for similar success second time round!
Oct 27 2014 2:37PM Angie I have had lots of success with this website. Great for private carers looking for work and also for clients looking for private carers.
Oct 26 2014 7:23AM Lisa Tilley I was so delighted to find Simple Needs, it was exactly what I was looking for. I received several replies, from some super carers, offering support for my lovely dad and I wouldn't hesitate to use it again. Sadly we lost my darling dad at the beginning of Oct.
Oct 23 2014 9:03AM Jane Simple Needs is such a good idea, a clever but simple way to put us in touch. We have found a wonderful carer to help at the weekends, although now we need a little more.
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Our Mission :
  • To be the UK's best "Home Help Wanted and Offered" adverts website
  • Where Home Help Carers and Clients can get in contact with each other
  • To make their own private arrrangements for home help and care
  • For elderly and disabled, friends and relations

Thank you for visiting SimpleNeeds. We hope your search for Home Help is successful.