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  In just the last 7 days, we have seen 43 of our Enquiries result in the Client and Carer exchanging direct contact details.
How does it work :

At present we offer a completely free service for private individuals.

We rely on advertising revenue and individual contributions to pay the bills and keep the show on the road.

And we also rely on visitors leaving their thoughts and comments on the Thank You page.

Your comments contribute to the site's content and this raises our profile.

What the Clients and Carers say :
Jan 28 2015 3:50PM A response within 1 day! very encouraging - thanks
Jan 24 2015 11:33AM We have found 2 very lovely carers, thank you.
Jan 24 2015 10:26AM Ailsa Collingwood I have found great clients through your site and am very grateful. It seems to work well!
Jan 8 2015 12:32PM Thank you Simple Needs, I recently found work through your site with a lovely family.
Dec 7 2014 12:07PM Ann Lawton I found a Carer on SimpleNeeds, she is really nice and we have become friends.
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Our Mission :
  • To be the UK's best "Home Help Wanted and Offered" adverts website
  • Where Home Help Carers and Clients can get in contact with each other
  • To make their own private arrrangements for home help and care
  • For elderly and disabled, friends and relations

Thank you for visiting SimpleNeeds. We hope your search for Home Help is successful.