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  In just the last 7 days, we have seen 9 of our Enquiries result in the Client and Carer exchanging direct contact details.
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What the Clients and Carers say :
May 9 2016 2:56PM This is the only site that I have been able to find listing private carers for this area and did not know about it until recommended by someone at Devon County Council. A great idea and will try my best to spread the word!
Apr 19 2016 9:23AM 07793031792 Hello I am looking for a carer to care for my 90-year-old grandfather overnight four nights a week. Start asap.
Apr 18 2016 5:05PM Althia Barnett Thanks SimpleNeeds you're a great help
Apr 13 2016 8:18AM Mary J Deane Spread the word for a great service. Lets share the news as a lot of people DO NOT know about it and may be missing out !!!!
Apr 10 2016 2:07PM Thanks good site as ever
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  • To be the UK's best "HomeCare Wanted and Offered" adverts website
  • Where Carers and Clients can get in contact with each other
  • To make their own private arrrangements for home care and domiciliary care
  • For elderly and disabled, friends and relations

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