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  In just the last 7 days, we have seen 9 of our Enquiries result in the Client and Carer exchanging direct contact details.
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At present we offer a completely free service for private individuals.

We rely on advertising revenue and individual contributions to pay the bills and keep the show on the road.

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What the Clients and Carers say :
Aug 20 2015 9:33AM Mrs McIntyre Thankyou for your past help. I now have a perfect place to work, and with lovely. friendly, relaxed and decent person.
Aug 9 2015 7:35AM Thank you for your great service as a result of which I start an ideal part time hourly PA/home support job on 17 Aug 3 miles from my Torquay home. Looking for more hours Mon to Thurs. Definitely no agencies or care homes-only private work with mutually acceptable contract.
Jul 28 2015 2:56PM Vicky This is fantastic way of ensuring person centred service with people requesting exactly what they need when and where and people who are genuine and interested in caring to reply, great site.
Jul 27 2015 9:18PM Barbara Thanks for offering such a valuable and worthwhile service - as a carer I regularly get enquiries from your website, and have also used it to find help for my father.
Jul 24 2015 5:29PM Angie Brill site
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  • For elderly and disabled, friends and relations

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